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DLO will not use NAS array for user folders

Have setup a NAS array, (Data Robotics 8TB), and backup to disk folders on that NAS. BE 2010 is using the array fine for backing up devices on the network.

DLO on the other hand does not see the NAS array at all, either directly or as a created mapped drive or shared drive. I can only choose locally attached drives on the server as location for DLO user folders.

Is this a limitation of DLO? I am using BE 2010 and BE 12.5d on another server and neither will let me chose the NAS as a location to store the DLO user folders.



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DLO will not see unless you

DLO will not see unless you have the drive name given in the NAS because DLO can't see it directly. So if you don't have that option in your NAS box to give it a drive letter then only option is to create the user and point them to the NUDF as NAS. I have done it many times as that is the only optin if your NAS can't be given a drive letter.

Yuo can't create a storage location if your NAS doesn't have a drive letter.


I will examine the

I will examine the documentation for the model. It's on iSCSI with a mapped drive letter to the server.



Did you check with your

Did you check with your vendor about it


You cannot use mapped drives

You cannot use mapped drives with BE because mapped drives are associated with an online session and BE runs as a batch job.  You got to UNC to access your NAS.  I don't know about DLO, but I suspect it is the same.


BE is using the NAS just

BE is using the NAS just fine, see's the drive as F:/ and will create and use backup folders there. DLO will not even see the drive F:/ at all.


Re: DLO will not see unless you

Hi sksujeet,

Could you tell me the steps to do it? I am new to DLO and I do not know how to do it.


Best regards


Re: DLO will not see unless you

For a drive on a NAS to have a drive letter on a Windows server (without using UNC mapping) it has to be setup to in effect emulate a SAN - which means using iSCSI. Some NAS devices support this type of connection some do not, however you should consult your NAS vendor for how to setup iSCSI and possibly also look at Microsoft information for configuring the iSCSI initiator in Windows

Once this has been done the DLO setup is the same as for a local internal drive in the same server.

Note: UNC mappings onto drive letters do not work as they only exist in the context of the logged in user and DLO has to operate at a background level.


Finally DLO is now a separate product (OK I know this is a resurrected old thread from when it was a combined product with BE) and beause it is separate it does have it's own forum pages: