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DR of Backup Exec Media Server

Level 4
We are considering different strategies for performing DR of a Backup Exec media server itself. We are currently exporting the server configuration using BEutility but I wanted to see if anyone has an automated method to do the same thing. Specifically the backup job and selection list information as with 60+ servers and 27 jobs, the time to recreate those during a DR situation would be fairly significant. I'm curious to hear what people have done regarding this...

Level 4
To do the DR of any server , we have to have the complete backup of the drives along with System state/shadow Copy Components.
So if you have the backup of the Backup Exec server itself then DR can be performed on that server and after the recovery, your backup exec will come back up (with all the job configurations) as they were when the backup was taken.

Level 6
As suggested here in the previous post you would need a full backup of the drives, system state. The backup exec database and catalog data is stored in the folder program files>veritas>backup exec>nt.
PLease refer to the following technote for more information:

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Level 4
Thank you both for the information; I must apologize for the lack of clarity in my original question. We are aware of the "full backup including system state" scenario; where we have questions is the following article which references how to use BEUTIL to create a configuration file for existing backup servers:

This article reads as if this may be a quicker, more efficient way of restoring a backup server if need be. Our question is whether or not anyone has used this particular method and if so, if anyone has discovered an automated way "schedule" the configuration file dump...say, once a month.

Level 6
If you have BackupExec set to do a database backup every night (to BEDB.BAK, if you grab that as well as the catalog and data directories, you should have everything as of the backup.

You rebuild your server, install the same or a later build of BackupExec, the restore the data you have backed up, see
to force a re-index of the catalog files to see all the imported tapes, and use BEUTIL to "recover" from you latest BEDB.BAKMessage was edited by:
Ken Putnam

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Level 4
Thank you Ken for the good info on which files to grab and the document you referenced.

Level 3
My question is regarding Ken's comment. He states after reinstalling Backup Exec to restore the data you backed up. If it's a fresh instance of Backup Exec, when you click on the Restore tab in BE, won't it just be blank since it is not aware of backups made before the system crashed?

Or am I missing something? Thanks!