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DR recovery of CASO server

Level 2

I'm looking for advise/instructions (Backup execs Admin Guide 15 PF5 only touches on this) on how to recover your CASO server if it dies. I have a small 1 CASO and 2 MMS server environment but will need to recover the CASO as a test. I understand it might be different for each site depending on hardware etc so recovery steps are probably going to be different.

(The CASO is physical, the MMS servers are VM's at remote sites, using data domain and LTO6 tape storage.)

So far I have created the SDR disk via the CSAO menu. I've been trying the SDR restore using my VM environment but get stopped when trying to located the backup storage which is currently data domain. I can map a drive to it but it will not find the storage containers. Even copying the dataset and the .cfg files to a data domain shared folder will not let SDR see the backed up files.

Is there a nicer solution or an eaiser way to do this?



Level 3

Is it possible to get a device and SDR media created from where the CAS is located? Will look into the SDR behavior and repost.

Been working with some individuals who work with SDR and a few more questions were raised...

Is the Data Domain being used with inbuilt Deduplication mode OR without?

  1. In SDR, which option is selected Remote restore/Local restore?
    1. Can try selecting remote restore and connect to the MMS where this backup was taken
    2. For Local restore, I don’t think we have the capability in SDR to read from the Data Domain’s inbuilt de-duplicated sets.