Data Deduplication Options for Volumes/CPS

Does anyone know if there are advantages or disadvantages of having multiple volumes/logical drives on your media server for running data dedup?  We also run CPS for Exchange so not sure if we should move that off to its own volume so it has its own low disk threshold settings or not.

Our situation:

6TB of space
Currently have it as all one logical drive.
Upgrading to BE 2010 from 12.5
Will continue to run CPS and will start using Data Deduplication (clients will do the data dedup and have direct access to storage)

Thanks for any guidance.
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 The Dedupe Folder should be

 The Dedupe Folder should be on it's own spindles, and you can only have ONE dedupe folder per media server.  It can support 16TB of deduped data, so the original data set is well over 100TB more than likely.

CPS should also be on their own spindles.


Thanks for the input. So can

Thanks for the input.

So can the CPS data be deduplicated as well?  We only have one media server so it all has to be in one place. 

 Sure, it's file data like

 Sure, it's file data like anything else. Just might be slower for CPS writes while the Deduplication job is reading it and possibly leaning heavily on CPU/RAM as well.

I think we may keep the

I think we may keep the CPS out of this and just do what we normally run now, which is CPS logs M-TH, full of exchange on Fri, keep it X weeks and the rest we data dedup for file servers and normal backups.  Thanks for the input.