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Dedup ratio 1:4

Wether I check Backup Exec systems upgraded from BE16 to BE20 or newly installed BE20 systems i seldomly get Dedup ratios higher than 1:3 whereas with BE16 I had Dedup ratios more like 1:9. What has to be changed in the configuration to get a higher Dedup ratio under BE20 or is this not possible ?

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Re: Dedup ratio 1:4

Is there any Backup Job which shows lower dedupe ratio in BE 20 than earlier when it was BE 16. Were any job specific changes made ? You can check the Job Log for the dedupe stats or deduplication ratio column in Job history. if a specific Job history need to be checked, just right click on that backup job and select View Job History. Compare the stats before and after the upgrade ? does it shows quite a difference