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Dedupe local storage offline

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Our 9/13/19 backups failed because our storage went offline, and I've no clue why as we hadn't made any changes to the server on the 12th. Backups had been running flawlessly since May. It's a local disk with plenty of space left (1.65 Tb free). I've already tried:

- removing & recreating the storage (plus importing the former backup sets through the wizard) 
- restarting both the server, and BE services (through software and Windows Control Panel)
- updating to BE 20.5 (previously running 20.3)
- made sure anti-virus scans exclude the dedupe storage folder
- uninstalled/reinstalled Agent for Application and Database and/or the Agent for VMware & Hyper-V with appropriate reboots

My search results in the VOX forums have only suggested the above methods in relation to my particular issue. I ran Quick Assist and got an error regarding "Virtfile" not configured & operating properly. The best lead I have on that is this VOX post So I open a command prompt as an administrator, attempt the command "sc config virtfile start=demand" and get the error message that access is denied. The prompt is listed as "C:\users\administrator.[DomainName]>"

All the servers being backed up are virtual servers, one of them is on a different host than the rest. Many thanks in advance for any advice.


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when you restart BE services, the dedupe folder is rediscovered. If you have restarted the BE services and still it is offline, please can you grab and upload the adamm.log from BE Install Path\Logs and I can take a look at the error.

Here's the uploaded file. There are an eff ton of "OpenDNSSearch() failed for host=[file server]" errors in there, but despite that, we've had reliable backups (both full and incremental) from all of the backed up servers.

Employee Accredited Certified

[05836] 09/30/19 10:30:18.377 DeviceIo: beost: Critical: (Storage server: PureDisk:[BE server]) PdvfsRead: Failed to read from spoold (No such file or directory). Ensure storage server services are running and operational. V-454-19 [05836] 09/30/19 10:30:18.626 DeviceIo: ostutil: PureDisk:[BE server] FindOstInfo missing BEOST_SInf AND LSU is not empty 'BEOST_00000360'

Can you open a tech support case to rectify this issue

I tried to earlier, and they said our license doesn't include support, so they referred me to the forums, which is how I came to post here. However, I just updated the case I originally opened, linking them to that article, and I'll see what they say.

I haven't had any updates yet. I spoke with my rep over the phone and she said she's still checking. I tried getting somwhere via chat and they stopped responding so our session auto-closed after inactivity. Is there a place to download the STSSINF Utility? The webpage the chat rep guided me to doesn't contain any links to it.

They closed my case because I'm in a loophole. I have a Not For Resale license, meaning no license for tech support. You pointed me to the correct article for the issue, and all I have to do is get access to the STSSINF Utility, but this isn't available through the Downloads area, and no customer support rep seems to be able to help because I don't have a support license.

If I know what I need to do, and they refuse to give me access to it, that's backwards. Is there a place to download this utility? If it's already on my BE server, I haven't been able to find it.


I clarified (finally) with tech support that the Veritas techs that patrol the forums are the ones who can help me. Would you be able to get me access to downloading the STSSINF utility, Gurvinder? I would appreciate the help.