Deduplication Folder and Duplicate to Tape - Best Practice Question

Currently we're reconfiguring our backup environment and adding one LTO 4 tape drive to the mix. We would like to backup to a Deduplication Storage Folder then duplicate the data to the tape drive.

The Deduplication Storage Folder has two media sets associated with it:
- Daily Media Set
- Weekly Media Set

Our environment is made of physical and virtual servers (VMware), Active Directory, Exchange, SQL and misc file servers.

We setup separate "Selection Lists":
- AD Servers
- File Servers
- Exchange Server
- VMware Servers
- SQL Servers

Next, we created a Policy with the following templates:
- Daily Backup - Differential - Dedup Storage Folder - Daily Media Set
- Weekly Backup - Full - Dedup Storage Folder - Weekly Media Set

Next, we created New Jobs Using this Policy and checked all the "Selection Lists" listed previously. Doing so created a separate Daily and Weekly Job for each "Selection List."

My question is how do we duplicate these backups to tape? We can add a template to the Policy to "Duplicate Backup Sets Templates", but we don't know if this will work. Can two separate jobs be running at the same time to a tape drive?

So, basically we're looking to see if this will work or get a recommendation on how to correctly do what we want to do.

The main reason we created separate "Selection Lists" is because we didn't want to have 1 selection list with every server. Because if one server is offline, the servers following that server in the selection list would not get backed up!
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Official Best

Official Best Practise

Try to keep only one grt backed up server per job. ( exchange in one job for example)

Only 1 source side dedupe server per job

The GRT or "Source Side Dedupe" Resource should be the first in the selection list.

Yes you can add the duplication templates to your policys. They should run in squence.
 I tried it with schedule, which resulted in 1 job fails, because he didnt got a tape.
No only 1 Job per Tape. mulitplexing is a enterprise feature ( netbackup) i think.

  Hint: when you have a issue, reboot and retry.
The dedupe store also seems be sensitive to broken grt backups.
But this can be fixed with a restart of the purdisk services.