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Deduplication Storage


I receive an error every time I go to create a Deduplication Storage folder...
All the log says is Validating... and Backup Exec reports "An error occurred while creating a Deduplication storage folder "

Any ideas??

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Hi Terry, This tech article

Hi Terry,

This tech article should address it:


Hi Craig, I have already ran

Hi Craig,

I have already ran through all the KB articles I could find on the subject and none of them work.
I got this error the first time I tried to create the Deduplication Storage folder...
The logfile doesn't have anything in it besides a timestamp and then Validating....

Any other ideas??

Nope, I don't...I will hit

Nope, I don't...I will hit the support flag on this 1 for you...

2 TB Limit?

You could try reducing the size of the dedup volume under 2TB if it is bigger. Also unchecking “Low space threshold” and “Allow remote agents direct access to this device”

When you create the folder

When you create the folder make sure the last folder doesn't exist, backup exec shuold create it for you.

e.g. if the path is X:\Backup\Dedupe1 when you set it up make sure only the X:\Backup folder is already there and just add the Dedupe1 to the path, if that makes sense.

I also got this error

I also got this error numerous times.

It seemed that if I tried to re-create a DeDup folder after deleting it (and all content including the folder itself from disk) it sometimes worked, and sometimes not. there was no real reason for this behavior.

If I tried it again it sometimes worked! i know that's monkey-tech, not high-tech - but it really worked...

It made no difference if I tried to re-create the DeDup device on another path or even drive letter. sometimes it just didn't work.

It also seemed to be more difficult to re-create a DeDup folder if you have the DeDup-Database (PostgreSQL) created on another disk (lets say for performance reasons). Then I had to re-create the Database in another folder - re-creation in the same folder wasn't possible. But this was before the last two hotfixes, maybe this issue is resolved by now...

Hi, Any news here?


Any news here?

Fixed for me - Accounts

The problem for me was that I was logged in a Domain Administrator, but not as the Backup Exec Domain Account.  I created a new set of credentials and used the Domain Admin account that I was logged in as, and it worked fine.  Presumably if I had logged in using the BE Domain Account it would have worked as well.

Hope this helps.



It turns out that the problem was with the password for the Backup Exec Domain Account. Info here. To summarize, the password can not contain & " < or >.

The password can not be started with a - and must not end with a % \ or ^

Presumably there is a script which hands the credentials over to Postgres which has the above limitations.