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Deduplication Template with separate template to create a duplicate job to tape

Level 2

I am setting up BE 2010.  I have created a policy that has a daily incremental, weekly full, and monthly full to the dedupe folder.  This will contain a selection list of about 10 servers.  I am trying to create a template in this policy that will duplicate the montly backup set to tape.  However when I attempt this, I get the message "A duplication backup sets template must use a destination device that can be accessed by the same media server as the device specified for the original backup set"  The tape library and dedupe folders are on the same media server.  I keep seeing articles about how this can be done, however I cannot even save the policy when this template is present.  I have set the source on the duplication job to be the dedupe folder, and the destination to be my tape changer (Dell LT2000 LTO4 drives)  Any help would be greatly appreciated.