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Delayed duplicate job to tape from deduplication folder fails with E000E054

Level 4


I have deduplication task to dedup folder and then duplicate stage task to tape. Everything worked fine when settings were so that duplication task to tape started immediatedly after full backup to deduplication folder finished (= selection "Duplicate data immediatedly when source task completes" was used).

I then changed duplicate job to start by schedule at some specific later time after full backup was finished and set it up to use "the most recent full backup". After this I keep getting error "E000E054 The job was skipped because the source backup job is not present" when scheluded task ran. There are no errors with full backup to deduplication folder.

Problem started after I changed setup of duplicate stage task which was earlier working without any problems (changed to use sheduled time and "Most recent full backup" as source).

  1. Is this kind of setup possible?
  2. What is causing this error? 
  3. Is it possible to run task of "duplicate to tape" stage manually at any time later (as long latest full backup was succesfull) in case selection "use Most recent full backup" is used in task definition?

I can create manual duplicate task to tape directly from backup sets, but this is just a clumsy workaround and is not linked with the original problem because of the way "selection lists" are used internally by BE with duplicate tasks 

I have now recreated deduplicate-duplicate task completely as new task but it has not yet been run so I do not know if this helps.

I have BE15 V-Ray with FP5 and latest hotfixes (115844,116031,116730) running on Win Server 2012 R2 Std.

Here is something about BE2104 and how BE uses selection lists



Level 4

Recreating whole backup job (deduplicate + duplicate to tape using schedule and option "Most recent full backup") did not have any effect, duplicate task to tape is still skipped with error E000E054. I have logged a support case for this issue.

This seems to be know bug of BE 15, it should be fixed in BE 16. In BE15 only way to make it work is to keep duplicate stage start immediatedly after deduplication stage is finished.

Here is some explanation about this issue: Article mentions something about "SQL log" option of deduplication stage. I will try to test if disabling that option will make scheduled duplicate stage (with option "most resent full backup") to work.

In BE15, if  option "Run a SQL log backup after backing up the virtual machine" is selected, then scheduled duplication stage to tape fails and does not start at all. 

In BE15, if  option "Run a SQL log backup after backing up the virtual machine" is not selected, then scheduled duplication stage to tape starts without problems.

Upgrading to BE16 fixes the problem only partly so that when "...SQL log..." option has been selected, scheduled duplicate stage to tape starts and duplicates everything else to tape excluding all SQL log  backup sets. This is some kind of error in BE16, they are investigating source of this problem.

This has been identified as error in BE16: