Deleted Server and now I can't restore

Running BE 2012.  My file server crashed hard.  Rebuilt a new one, added a remote client and restored my current backup to it.  All was well.  Then I decided that since that old server was history I woud just delete it from my list of servers.  Now I am unable to go back and look at any of my backups, nor can I do any restore of files that were listed on that old server.

I know BE2012 is server centric but I should be able to see a catalog of my backups and do additional restores if necessary.  The tapes are in the slots ready to go!

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Hello azpmadmin, If you have

Hello azpmadmin,

If you have tape backups from the files server you could use them for restores by following this article   It describes a b2d restore but its the same for tape (you just skip down to the steps to inventory and catalogue the tape.

I hope this helps 

Thank you for your prompt

Thank you for your prompt reply, but I'm still not quite sure where to look.  When I open the Storage Wizard, do I choose "Disk-based Storage"?  When I do that, I then choose "Import a legacy backup to disk folder", then it asks for the location of the backup to disk folder.  This seems to be a deadend.  When I run the wizard and choose "tape storage" I get nothing like the article you sent me.  Thank you.

Please Recatalog your tapes

Please Recatalog your tapes from the storage tab and the old server will come back in the server tab,

You can later do your restore from there.

Do this 1) Scan your tapes if

Do this

1) Scan your tapes if you are using barcode labels.  Otherwise, do an inventory

2) Catalog your tapes and and if you click on your tape in the Storage tab, the backup set should show your defunct server.  You should also be able to see the defunct server the Backup and Restore tab.

3) Do your restore.  Start from the 5th screenshot in my article

which shows the defunct server in the Backup and Restore tab.


Re: Hello azpmadmin,If you have

Hello Imosla,

could you be so kind to give me access to your link? I have access denied...thanks