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Dell Powervault TL2000

Level 4
OS: Windows 2003 SP2 x64 Ent.
BackupExec 11d Rev. 7170 Sp1 with hotfixes:17-21
The server sees the autoloader just fine.  BackupExec saw the autoloader but would not load any tapes even though there was one tape in the drive. It saw all the slots but wouldn't access the tapes when told to do an inventory.
I rebooted the Autoloader and then in the device section in backup exec it went to off line. I could not get the device back online, rebooted the server and everything still no luck.  I then removed the device from BackupExec and now it shows only as a stand alone device and still won't work.
Have the licenses installed for the autoloader as well.
Any ideas?
Thank you.

Level 0
Help me
How can I take out tape. because one tape is make error in backup system.
Where can I have usermanuell to TL2000 and symantec