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Deploying Backup Exec in Azure Government Cloud: Complete Steps

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Do you know, the Backup Exec product has been able to achieve full public sector compliance as shown in the table below. 

BE Compliant list.png

The public sector compliance in Backup Exec  blog will give you more insight into each of the above mentioned requirements. We are also live now in Azure Government Cloud Marketplace.

What is Azure Government?

Azure Government delivers a dedicated cloud enabling government agencies and their partners to transform mission-critical workloads to the cloud. Azure Government services handle data that is subject to various government regulations and requirements, such as FedRAMP, DoD IL4, and IL5, CJIS, IRS 1075, ITAR, CMMC, NIST 800-171, and others. To provide you with the highest level of security and compliance, Azure Government uses physically isolated datacenters and networks located in the US only.

How to deploy Veritas Backup Exec in Azure Government Cloud.

Veritas Backup Exec provides simple, rapid, and secure offsite backup to Azure for your on-premises environments and protects cloud-based workloads in Azure. Veritas Backup Exec helps you recover quickly from critical data loss situations, and easily meet data regulatory requirements.

By leveraging Veritas Backup Exec in the Azure Government cloud as well as on-premises, you gain a unified, efficient, and Public Sector compliant data protection experience. Deploying Veritas Backup Exec via marketplace frees you from purchasing and managing IT infrastructure and enables you to move to a more cost-efficient operational expense (OpEx) model.

Steps to deploy the Veritas Backup Exec in Azure Government Cloud:

Through the Azure Government Marketplace, you can easily and quickly deploy the Veritas Backup Exec

  1. Log into your Azure Government Cloud portal and navigate to the Marketplace



  1. Search for “veritas” in the Marketplace search bar. When the Veritas products appear, Select “Veritas Backup Exec -BYOL”



  1. Select Plan as “Veritas Backup Exec - BYOL” to configure with the latest Backup Exec version and click “Create”.



  1. Provide required details in the “Basics” tab


a) Select the subscription you’d like to deploy in
b) Either select an existing Resource Group or create a new Resource group
c) Select Region to build your Backup Exec environment
d) Specify the Backup Exec server name
e) Specify Backup Exec Server Administrative Username
f) This is the password the new administrative user will use to log into the new environment
g) Click next when all the information has been entered

  1. Specify values in the ‘Network and Storage Settings’ tab


a) Specify Virtual Network name
b) Specify the outside subnet for Backup Exec solutions
c) It specifies Virtual machine size. Change the size based on the need.
d) Select or create a new Storage account for the disk drive of the Backup Exec server
e) Click next when all the information has been entered

  1. Specify values in “Backup Exec server IP address assignment” tab


a) Specify or select the name of Public IP address object
b) Select type of Public IP address. By default, “static” is selected
c) Click next when all the information has been entered

  1. After the validation has passed, review your choices, and select “Create”.



  1. Once the deployment has been started, you will see a similar image to the one below. At this point, no more manual intervention is needed until the deployment is complete



  1. Once deployment is complete, Azure will automatically bring up the below page. Click on “Go to Resource Group” to view the new machine that has been created to log into the new Backup Exec environment.



  1. Select the BE server virtual machine and click on it.



  1. Click on “Start” Virtual Machine, click on “Connect” and select “RDP”.



  1. Click on “Download RDP file” and Connect to VM once the RDP file is downloaded.



  1. Your Veritas Backup Exec server is now running in the Azure Government cloud, and you are ready to use Veritas Backup Exec 60 days trial version.



For more information, please refer to our Backup Exec website or administrator’s guide.

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