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Detailed Deduplication Process

Hi Guys,

Can anyone provide the links or documents to the detailed process of Deduplication along with pointers and other things.

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Re: Detailed Deduplication Process

There is a video on dedup in the Videos section (click on the Video tab above)

Re: Detailed Deduplication Process

Check following document:

Admin guide for Backup Exec 2010 should be helpful.

Re: Detailed Deduplication Process

i've went through the admin guide  but have not found the detailed process. Like it must store some pointers etc etc.........

I'm talking in perspective of how it actually works.......................

Re: Detailed Deduplication Process

Have you tried the Dedupe whitepaper?

ven from Symantec employees, I've not seen a very in depth technical doc or briefing on how it works, short of an overview...  More conceptual if anything.

Re: Detailed Deduplication Process

It's very frustrating actually.  There are a number of configuration items that have no explanation associated with them.  For instance, stream chunk size.  It's set to 64k, with options to go all the way down to 1k, but there is ZERO documentation on what the impact of changing the setting will be.