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I'm using Backup Exec 10.1 on Windows 2003. All the latest updates applied (Hardware and Software).

I recently installed Backup exec and have managed to set it all up to the way I want. I'm trying to do my first backup and have had no luck. In the job monitor section it keeps saying device paused in the status. Yet if I go to device manager no devices are paused. I found this link
which says to Add one or more drive(s) back into the appropriate drive pool. Drives are added by going to the Devices tab and right-clicking on the appropriate drive pool and selecting the Add Drive option, then adding the selected drive and clicking OK. The job will start automatically running as soon as this is done

I've tried doing this. In fact my devic pools already have a drive in there. Under Standalone drives it shows my HP drive. In libraries it shows my Overland library. In the device pool, so that seems fine, and they aren't paused. I'm guessing I should add my library to the device pool however when I select library it doesn't list anything.

Any suggest? And Thx in advance!

Level 6

- Kindly install the latest Veritas drivers.

Symantec Backup Exec (tm) 10d (10.1.5629) - Device Driver Installer (20060215) - Includes Tape Driver Release (09) and Robotic Library Release (52) (Intel Only)


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