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Device and Media Service stuck in Stopping

I am trying to install updates for Backup Exec 11d.  The update fails because the Device and Media Service hangs in stopping.  Rebooting the maching starts services fine, but when update is attemted fails again.

Task Manager will not stop the pvlsvr.exe.

Process Viewer will not kill the service.  I have tried debug mode.


Any suggestions?

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I have seen the Device and

I have seen the Device and Media Service be very slow to stop when hardware has been removed before stopping the service.

As a workaround, you may want to set the BE service to manual start, reboot, install the updates, then reset the services to auto start?

Thanks for the workaround. 

Thanks for the workaround.  Do you know if there is a fix....possibly in one of the updates I'm trying to install?

Try act as local service

Try to mark act as local service.

Especially on Windows 2003 some services have a hard time to stop.
With the mark act as local service this can be prevernted because the service gets some higher level of permissions.
Kill will work again when you do this.

I hope this helps you further