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Differences Between Backup Exec System Recovery and Backup Exec

Can anyone provide me the differences of the two.

I know some of their differences but i need some support documents providing their differences.

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Backup Exec Does file level

Backup Exec Does file level backup ... Backup exec System recovery take a Block or secotor level backup

 BESR is recovery

Backup Exec Does file level backup ... Backup exec System recovery take a Block or secotor level backup. The basic difference is  BESR is recovery software...BE is restore software

Hello, Backup Exec is a


Backup Exec is a application based Backup and Restore software (Exchange, SQL etc, Windows Systems) where as the main function of Backup Exec System Recovery is DISASTER RECOVERY SOFTWARE (SPECIALLY MENT FOR DISASTER RECOVERY)

We can also perform Disaster recovery using backup exec but the main function is regular backups of Windows and Windows based applications...

Hope this helps....

RE:Differences Between Backup Exec System Recovery and Backup Ex

To expand a little on DevT's response about Disaster Recovery.

BackupExec must be restored to the same hardware it was backed up from (or very nearly so.  it is possible to restore to different hardware, but you need to jump through some major hoops)

BESR is designed to to do a Bare Metal restore to any hardware supported by the OS


Thanks a lot guys. You helped a lot.

BTW i can you provide me an articles or links that describes either BE / BESR.

Why do I need both?

If I have System Recovery 2010, do I even need Backup Exec 2010?  It seems both products have a mangement console.  Both can restore a single file or a directory.  (The literature says it can restore a single file, not just a "block" or "drive.")  Both can schedule full and incremental backups.  (System recovery calls it incremental recovery points, but it seems the same thing). 

System recovery can do bare bones recovery, which Backup Exec can't.  (Also, I understand System recovery won't go to tape.)

In my scenario, I have 8 servers I backup every night (incremental) and weekly/monthly (full backup).  If I am backing up to a hard drive, can't I just schedule incremental recovery points each evening, and a full one on the weekend?

If so, why do I need Backup Exec 2010.  I can drop it (& the $4K yearly price), spend a little more and get the System Recovery 2010 for my 8 servers. 

Other than the verbage (One is designed for recovery, the other for backup mantra) that Symantec support throws out, what is the shortcoming on System recovery that prevents from performing as a regular backup? It seems to do everything Backup Exec does, and more.