Differential Backups of VM's

I'm backing up a selection list of 76 VM's , the Full Backup runs without an error.  When I run the differential backup during the week the last 10-12 give me the error:

V-79-57344-38324 - Incremental\\Differential backup methods are not supported for this VM. The backu....

No matter what servers are the last 10-12 in the selection list I get the same error.  I first got the error in BE 2010 R3 with all updates and hotfixes.  I upgraded to BE 2012 and am still getting the error.  I verified that Change Block Tracking is enabled and that the servers are Hardware Version 7.

Has anyone else found a solution to this problem?

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Hell Mike,

What is the OS installed on those VM which are failing?

Also have you tried the backups with the option "to fall back to full backup" enabled? What is the result of that?





The VM's are all Windows.  If

The VM's are all Windows.  If I check the "fall back to full backup" they work but I don't want to do another full backup of the VM each night.


I am having the same issue. 

I am having the same issue.  I have been working with Symantec for over 10 days, still no resolution.  After hours on hold today, I spoke with a different engineer and he told me about a just released hotfix that I had to install (180962 I believe), even though it does not reference this specific issue.  He said he could not escallate the problem unless I am completely surrent with patches.  I have installed the hotfix and am testing a differential backup right now.


Hi, Did you manage to get a


Did you manage to get a resolution on this? I have all patches installed and have the same issue. It is weird that any full jobs containing multiple VM's seem to work fine but any incrementals with more than a single VM show a status of "failed" even though there are no failures in the log, and I can restore from these supposedly failed backups.