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Differential Job

Hi all,

I am configuriing a diff job for weekdays, after a successful Full on a Friday

It is a HYper-V environment, but had to change to using Windows Agent, as usung the Hyper V agent was not working and was flagiing an error asking for a driver, and Snapshot would hang, and VSS Writers fail.

Rather than trying to diagnose that, i switched to Windows Agent based which is working fine for small full Job's

I wanted to do a diff on the largest job, and i understand in 2010 you have to use a Policy which i created and set to Differntial and linked to the main full job ( i think i have done this right)

The job seems to be doing rather a lot compared to the previous diff which was set up differently.

I have redone the Policy in case i did it wrong, is there any way of knowing it is doing a diff, only way i will know will be if it takes approx 3 hours like it used too. other wise will have to cancel as a full taks 30 hours approx. with verify

Job activity just says the files/byte count