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Differential backup

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We recently acquire a customer from an MSP and they implemented Backup Exec, heard of Backup Exec but never had the chance to really be familiar with it. So the customer uses Backup Exec and I can see the backup job, schedule, storage. Initially they were backing up to a Tape drive but for some reason it suddenly stopped and won't continue backing up to the Tape. We bought an extrnal drive to temp have a storage for backup.

Problem is they have an old server which only has USB 2.0 and everytime it successfully backups, it takes 1 1/2 days before it completes. I'm thinking if it's differential, it should not be that long I mean it doesn't make sense to do full backup daily. I edit the backup job but I don't see any thing about setting it to 'Differential'

BackupExec v16

Appreciate any help from the Backup Exec Guru's




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I don't have good experiences with backup to USB external drives, your USB 2.0 port is going to be a bottleneck.

Verifiy if you have some antivirus ​scanning the USB drive during the backup, if yes disable the scanning.



AV has been turned off to avoid another process. I just to check and make sure if the backup job was set to differential or was it set to daily full backups.