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Differential job backing up all files

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I have a Windows 2008 R2 file server that is configured for a full backup with Backup Exec 2012 over the weekend and differential's during the week.  The full ran for the first time last weekend and the first differential job started last night.  The full completed successfully.  However, the differential is also backing up all files just like a full.  Any suggetions on why it is not only selecting the changed files since the full ran?  The only reason I have come accross so far was if the full didn't complete successfully, which in my case it did.

Any help is appreciated.


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Do you have AV scanning on your server?  Some AV scan will cause the files to be marked as modified and  thus need to be backed up.  For an example, see my blog below

Also, check that you do not have any other housekeeping jobs that scan files and cause them to be marked as modified.

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Hi On Win2008 r2 file server do you have DFSR installed ,if that is the case then you have to backup the DFSR data from shadow copy components and not from the file system. Note: "Shadow Copy Components" and "System State" can´t be backed up using either Incremental or Differential, and Backup Exec will automatically use the Full method if either of these are included in the selection list, regardless the backup method chosen in the job settings. Also ,if DFSR is not the case then check doing a backup using modified time for full and differential. And check. Thanks

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I am having the exact same issue as BKGeneral. Windows 2008 R2 file server. I do not have DFSR configured on the server. I am using modified time for the diffential backup leveraging Microsoft Shadow copy. I am running Sophos AV but there hasn't been a scheduled scan that has run. Just on-access scanning is enabled.


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Try uninstalling the AV and see what is the result.

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It appears that we have a similar problem.

One of the articles mentions setting up a separate Differential backup job which is fine if you using 12.5 and under.

However, After spending some time I still have no idea on how to create just differential in 2012, as the Full and Differential can only be in one job including file selection.

Another Question.

When changing Job defaults do I need to recreate the Job or is it just going to pick it up and work with it?

Asking because I have changed to archive bits for backup.



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One more here. I have the exactly same issue here on one server. On another server that is almost configured the same way it works well. Tried to use the "use modification time" and the "use catalog" method but it's all the same.

Deleting the hole job definition an recreating it doesn't help, too.

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Just a follow up. I think we had an issue with VSS which was causing our problems. I unregistered the Hardware VSS provider ( we have and Equallogic SAN and I had the HIT kit installed ) and set the backup job to use Microsoft's VSS provider. I haven't had a problem since.