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Differentials & Incrementals always running as full backups

Level 3
Past two week I've been trying to setup a differential backup for 2 different jobs. Each time the differential runs it completely erases the old job and then start to write a new one. For the full backup job I'm using the archive reset bit selection. For the differential I've both time based (with the windows journal option checked) and the archive bit selection.

I've read some of the other posts on this topic and so far no suggestions have provided any kind of solution. Currently am using BE 10d. What I need is to have the full backup stay untouched for a month and then have daily differentials as a seperate file for each day. So far all BE does is nuke the old backup despite being plenty of free space on the SAN. Have already turned off the AV scanning on the server and the shadow copy that's moving files to an external drive to be sure the archive bit stays untouched, but still hasn't made a difference yet. Am at a total loss on what direction to go now, there's just too much data to do a full backup each night as it can take up to 17 hours to complete.

Level 6
Are you using the same selection list for the full and diff backup?

What is the OPP of the media set that the Diff job points to?

Level 3
Am using a different selection list for the differentials, have double checked to make sure they are backing up the same files.

The OPP is set to None, and the append period None - Infinite allow append.

Level 6
Couple of things here

From your original post Each time the differential runs it completely erases the old job and then start to write a new one I take it you mean that each DIFF job overwrites the previous one? This is probably because you have Overwrite Protection set to "NONE" Try setting it to partial, and set the OPP (overwrite protection period) of the media set to what ever you wish

I'm not completely sure about DIFF jobs, but I know that INCR jobs must use the same select list as the FULL before they work correctly.

Level 3
I've got the differentials and full backups using the same template now, and set the opp to 1 month. When the differential runs now instead of erasing the old one completely it still does an entire backup still but just appends it to the old one. This is abviously of no value, all I need it to do is add the changed files to the folder as 1 seperate file.

Level 4
I am having this trouble also. I am running a Full backup (resets archive bit) of my Netware servers on Fridays, and Mon-Thur are supposed to be differentials. I've tried both "modified time" and "archive bit" differentials and both settings result in a full backup. These backups all go to tape.
This issue is on a Win2K OS running B.E. 10.d but I have the same issue with my remote offices with Netware 6.5 running B.E. for Netware 9.1.

Last year when this issue came up on those Netware 6.5s I found a tech note about an anti-virus scan maybe scrambling the archive bits and the fix was applied but it didn't work.

For now I'm doing my Netware "differentials" on B.E.10.d as working sets and incrementing the "number of days" setting each day. Obviously this isn't acceptable. I need a fix for this old problem.

Level 6

What option did you select under tools>options>media management?

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