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Disabling backup schedule by script

Level 1

Scenario:  One VM running SQL which is replicated using VMware SRM across two sites.  The VM is backed up using the BE Remote Agent (so we can exclude SQL DBs from backup).

Two backup exec jobs created for the VM... one on each BE management server/site. 

Request: Ideally we want to automate the process of enabling the job to backup to the local Backup Exec storage (so it doesn't go across the wire AND so we're not running two backups at the same time, one to local storage/one to remote).  

My initial thoughts are:

Check which site the VM is running on today with powercli then use BEMCLI Powershell to temporarily disable the Backup Exec job on the inactive BE site.

It looks like my only option to preserve the schedule is to put the job 'on hold' which isn't ideal as no one in future knows why it's been done.  

Are there other ways you'd recommend?