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Disappearing partition

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I have a Windows 2008 server that has been running SQL 2012 for months without any problem.  Using Backup Exec 2010 R3.  Installed Sharepoint Foundations 2013 on the same server that is running SQL 2012.  All databases are on the D partition.  Now randomly (it has happened twice since the Sharepoint Foundations 2013 install) when the backup starts and tries to initialize AOFO the D partition is wiped of all files.  The next morning when we come in to work Disk Manager shows the partition at 100% free space and we have to create a new simple volume, assign it a drive leter, format, etc. 

Restoring from a backup that did work gets all of the files back, but has anyone ever seen entire partitions get wiped out like that when a backup starts on the partition?  The C partition finishes without any problem.

I am going to remove the D partition and the system state from the backup and create a seperate backup to attempt backing up the D partition without AOFO turned on.  If I attempt to back up the system state doesn'tthat automatically use AOFO?  I do not have the Sharepoint or database agents installed.  I am considering upgrading to Backup Exec 2014 after the start of the new year when the budget starts over again...


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...I haven't seen a query like this before, but I would really suggest you log a call with Symantec around this as it seems to require more in-depth investigation.

Please post back here with the solution if they do help you find one.