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Disaster Recovery of a Media Server in a branch

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Hi everybody,

we worked now about 2 days to find out the perfect way to recover a Media Server really really fast without spendig much money.

Scenario: Hyper-V Server in a branch with limited bandwidth (2 or 4 Mbit symetric) acting as Media Server and running a fileserver as VM.

What you need is an RDX Drive USB3.0 and two media-cartridges.

Download RDX-Firmware Updater and check in FW 2.05 is installed. Update if needed. Switch RDX into fixed mode.

Create a Windows task to run Windows Bare Metal Backup once a day. You can send eMail-Logs if needed. Because RDX is now in fixed mode it's fully integrated into WindowsBackup.

Create a BackupExex job with Hyper-V Agent to an LTO, of cause "only" Remote Agent Backup and recovery via SDR can be choosen, but Hyper-V agent is more charming.

Now we have a full backup of Hyper-Host (including Media Server) on RDX and all VMs on LTO.

Now thing: Server is stolen and all you have is your RDX and LTO cartridges. Urgh. But no problem.

Build up a new server hardware, configure Raid, boot Windows Server from stick with RDX-Cartrige inserted. Choose computer recovery. WinRE will find your Bare Metal Backup on RDX. Load driver if needed. WinRE will partition and format drives as needed. Continue. (If you are working with older WinRE Bootsticks - I tested W2012R2 - you may to unplug bootstick before you say "recover now")

Now WinRE will recover the server. After that is finished you have a running Server with all partitions. Now start BackupExec and recover all VMs from LTO.

Thats all. Works fine. In a very short time you recoverd a Hyper-V srever including the BackupExec Mediaserver with all VMs.

Allways a pleasure to help.:-)

Regards Timo


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Why do you need Windows Bare Metal Backup? You can backup the host with BE and restore it with SDR. This will save you one backup and having to deal with another backup software. You can even do SDR restores from tape so you don't need to have RDX

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Bare Metal is much faster. Remember Media Serevr is gone (Datebase and catalogs). So you need to do inevtory job, what takes time and if you SDR Media is broken ? Of cause you can mirror dr.files to a central site, but with WindowsBackup you are much faster.

Also you need to install Windows ADK, and since a few weeks no SDR-Recovery of W2012R was possible. To be honest, I do not want to wait on Symantec. Server2012 - Support as Media Server took years.

Regards Timo.