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Disaster Recovery on BE 2012

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Hello Experts,

   Require your help in overcoming the issue which i am facing on Backup Recovery on BE 2012.

Steps i followed

1) we have two UCS Servers, UCS B Series and UCS C Series. Installed Windows 2008 R2 on UCS B Series and installed the BE 2012 on UCS C Series

2) From UCS C Series added the Windows 2008 R2 Server, and took the backup of that Machine(Windows 2008 R2 Server)

3) Once the one time backup is completed with warnings, i can see my .DR file created on the location programl files->Symantec->SDR->Data-><windows name .DR> But in Job History i was not able to find any line saying the location where my .DR file is created. is it fine? But i can see the file in location. 

4) After that i created the Simplified disaster recovery disk by adding some of the drivers and generated an .ISO image.

5) After that mapped that .iSO image to the B Series,

Please see the following screenshots


The Problem is it is not showing any Backup Set and the computer name. Not sure what is the reason.

The WIN-HOSU0EEB7R9 is the computer name of the BE 2012 Server.

Experts request you to guide me at this point. 




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First on the bE exec general settings you can define a new path to save the SDR files needed to do a full restore.


Regarding that issue of not seeing the backups sets verify if the network drivers are ok and you can test in be console to do a restore and that will show you all the backup sets that you have present.

Best regards

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  i Checked with BE Console, i was able to see the Sets that contained in the backup Job. However it was not listing the sets that i backed up, and even the computer also.


Please find the screenshots

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But in Job History i was not able to find any line saying the location

In the job log, you should see a line saying that the .dr file is created.  The location of the .dr will not be specified.  If you do not see that line, it means that the backup is not eligible for SDR.  You mentioned there are are some warnings.  It may be these that caused the .dr file not to be created.

In the backup selection screen, is the SDR button green?  If not, then SDR is not available for the backup of this job.

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The warnings was

" COnvert to virtual machine, and unable to load the xml file for configuration.

Experts require your help in overcoming this issue. Its stopping issue for our team

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1) You can allow Backup Exec to give a popup after a successfull SDR backup. This can be configured in the alerts section->Informational.

2) When starting the system with the ISO cd, can you configure your network cards? Can you configure a static IP? Are they visible? You have the ability to start a command prompt.. Can you ping to the Backup Exec server from the boot disk?

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Yes, i was able to configure the static IP, and it was visible.

And from the cmd promopt i was able to ping the Backup Exec Server also.

Require help on this


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Stupid question: is the firewall enabled on your backup server? Normally this should not be an issue, but you never know..

If you are able to ping it will not be a communication issue. But more something related to security (hunch).