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Disaster recovery from localhost is not possible. No disaster recovert information file

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We have Backup Exec 21.4 installed on a windows 2019 server and I would like to make a Disaster Recovery from the backup server itself.

This is my procedure:
(1) In Backup and restore I see LOCALHOST and I make a full backup from it (System state). So this is the backup exec server.
(2) Then I make a Disaster Recovery CD.
     I choose to make a new cd
     It asks me to select from which computer I want to use the network and storage drivers but I DON'T SEE LOCALHOST of the actual COMPUTERNAME from this server (or it's IP address) IN THIS LIST SO I SELECT NOTHING.
     I go NEXT NEXT NEXT and the image is created and I create the CD

THEN I start the cd in a backup server that I have left and I boot with the Recovery CD.
I choose to recover and it asks me what recovery information file I want to use.
Here I don't see anything because I didn't select anything so I choose next and then I get:

No disaster recovery information file has been selected. Select a disaster recovery information file to continue.


So I make a full backup from my localhost and I cannot recover it?? What am I doing wrong?


In my list I also have my server (the same as localhost) with his name. I can also choose that one to make a full backup but why would I do that if I can choose the localhost?
Where is the logic in this? Can somebody help me out? Thank you.



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Did you select everything when you backup this server?