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Disk to Disk To Tape with Dedupe

Good Afternoon,

I have what i hope is a very simple question but hope and reality are rarely the same.

The business would like to move from a weekly full backup to tape for the file servers and introduce tape to tape with a full tape backup at the end, this is my hopeful outcome:-

Daily incremental backups run in dedupe mode disk to disk then at the end of the week a full tape backup is produced from the incrementals (a full backup will be run once in the tape to tape set to give a point of reference and fill the gaps).

Is this possible of am i hoping for perfection?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Disk to Disk To Tape with Dedupe

You would be better off just running a new full backup into dedup and then duplicate that to tape once a week. However if you really want to assemble multiple incremental backups into a full, then you need to use Synthetic backups.

Synthetic Backups:

a) affect performance of the backup into Deduplication (depending on total number of files in the full backup this can be very slow even for the daily incrementals as the process has to gather a lot of extra information )

b) require an extra stage after the incremental(s) have run to make the synthetic full on disk before it can be duplicated to tape

c) require an ESO license in addtion to the license you are using (unless using Capacity)


You should perhaps take into account that if using Deduplication what is stored inside the Deduplication Storage when running a full is similar to what would be stored for an incremental anyway. As such synthetic backups using deduplication use a similar amount of disk space as a full but have impacts on job definition complexity, license costs and possibly performance)


Re: Disk to Disk To Tape with Dedupe

Thank you for the reply.

Another thought, is it possible to run the did to disk to one server with a massive disk pack and then have a second server with tape libaries pickup from the first server?


Re: Disk to Disk To Tape with Dedupe

You would need a large amount of disk space on both servers with Deduplciation running on both of thenm in a CASO setup and then run optimized duplication between them to do that so extra storage and extra BE license costs.