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Disk to Disk backup scenario

Level 2

If we have a scenario like following, we have 10 server with 50 GB data each and want to do a disk backup and save data fore a possible restore 30 days (one backup every night).


We have 2000 GB disk area to save the backups.


We have the same media set for all servers.


The settings on the backup jobs (several different backup jobs but using the same media set) are "when this job begins" "append to media. Overwrite if no append able media is available"  


At the media set periods we have are: overwriting protection period 12 weeks, append period infinitive allow append.


Now what happen with the disk area at 2000 GB!


First the backup jobs is using free disk space the first 12 week, then when the overwriting protection period is past is the backup then first use free disk space or it is overwriting the old backup "files"?  

Level 6
Good morning,
From the configuration you have outlined, the jobs will continue to fill the available space, since the jobs are set as Append, then Overwrite if no appendable media is available. I'd recommend that you define an Append period to allow the existing media to expire so it can be overwritten per your requirements. Please review the following Technote regarding the configuration of media set properties and media rotation.

Level 6
Greg's link will help, but to be explicit
When you append all the media (tapes or B KF files) share a common Overwrite Protection Period, which is extended each time an Append job closes
That is if you have an OPP of 13 days, with "append, else overwrite" after 13 days, all of the BKF file are still protected for an additional 13 days.
Either change to Overwrite jobs, or on a Monday set the media set properties to Append = 6 and Opp = 21 (for example)
this will put all the jobs for one week in the same "family" and create a new family each week.  Each family will be available for restore for three full weeks after the last APPEND job finishes