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Disk to disk backup

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I have a customer running BE 12 and their tape drive recently crapped out.

I replaced the tape drive with 5 USB hard drives and created a Removeable Backup-To-Disk Folder on each.  I created a Device Pool containing each of the disks called Offsite Disks and targeted the job to that Device Pool.

When the job launches it waits for Disk1... forever.  If I manually acknowledge the alert (kind of defeats the whole "scheduled job" thing) then it looks to Disk2, then Disk3, etc.

How can I get it to timeout and move on to the next disk in the pool until it hits the the one plugged in? 

Level 6
When you swap the hard drives, unpause the one you are attaching, and make sure all the rest are paused.

Someone posted a CMD file using BEMCMD to pause, then unpause all his B2D devices using BEMCMD a while ago, but I can't find it with the new search

Level 3
 Might use Cascade drive, here is the explanation of this:

You can cascade (link) multiple stand-alone tape drives together to create one
logical drive. By cascading the tape drives, backup jobs can automatically "roll"
to the "media" in the next tape drive when the media is filled. Although multiple
tape drives are linked to form the cascaded drive pool, only the name of the
cascaded drive pool is listed as the destination device when a backup job is created.

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 Perhaps look at replacing BE with BESR in the future...  It's better designed for removable disk, and ultimately cheaper for the customer.

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BESR does not purge the Exchange logs.

The drive will fill up and it's game over.