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Do Veritas offer a service to e-mail customers when updates are available or a tech note is released

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All our servers are not on the internet. The external auditors have flagged up poor patching of Symantec backup exec 15 (now 16). Is there any mechanism to receive alerts when a new patch (server and agent) is available. While I am here..... we would also like to receive any tech notes Symantec release.


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No to both.

To get notifications of updates, your BE server must be connected to the Internet.

You can subscribe to a TN to get its updates, but there is no way to get notified of new TN's.

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We have recently implemented a new concept for standardizing how information for our software is provided. This concept is known as The "Late Breaking News" page. For BE we have introduced such a page against BE 16 (but not any earlier versions)

The idea is that it will provide information and links to documentation, against widespead/critical  issues (the current document mentions issues relating to recent MS patches for instance) and as we release updates will provide lists of current updates etc

This page us available at

and you can subscribe to this article (although please be aware that subscriptions will eventually expire so you might need to check the subscription status or just check the article itself periodically)