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Does BE 2014 can Backup and Restore Mail Itens (Brick Level) on Exchange Server 2013?

Hi Guys!

So, my doubt is about if the BE 2014 can backup and restore mails itens (brick level) on Exchange Sever 2013?

Can anyone answer this question and help me?



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Yes, you can backup the

Yes, you can backup the Exchange database and Backup Exec is able to extract individual items from it.

Restore is possible to a mailbox or to a PST file.

Whilst ZeRoC00l has answered

Whilst ZeRoC00l has answered the question, please be aware that the term "Brick Level" really refers to a mechanism that was part of older versions of Exchange. This type of backup required you to do a special brick level backup and a separate Information Store backup in order to provide the ability to DR the whole of Exchange or restore only 1 mailbox. This functionality does not exist in the current versions of Exchange (which means no backup product offers that now obsolete process)

What Backup Exec has is a Symantec technology called Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) which allows you to do just an Information Store backup but then choose whether to restore the whole of the store (for DR) or individual e-mail messages and mailboxes from inside the store if a full DR is not required.


As such you might want to investigate GRT to understand it.



Thanks for the answers,

Thanks for the answers, ZeRoC00L and Colin Weaver!!

I'll see more about the GRT feature!


Thank you, guys!!!

Thank you, guys!!!

Hi Everyone, Backup can play

Hi Everyone,

Backup can play an important role in such situation. You should take backup of your Exchange Server in a regular basis. If you have backed up your MS Exchange Server, you are ensured full data security. By using backup of Exchange Server, you can restore your crucial Exchange Server data, such as: important emails and other mailbox data.