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Does Backup Exec 11d support mail slots on an HP MSL6030?

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I upgraded from Veritas BE 10 to Symantec BE 11d this weekend, and was hoping that my mail slot would show up in the slot list under devices, but alas it does not. I would love to use this slot for restore jobs so that I don't have to take the magazines out of the library to do restores. BE has never recognized a tape in this mail slot even though the library touch screen shows that the tape is there. The unit we have has the two drives and does have the barcode feature. Is there somewhere in BE that I have to turn this on?

Any advice would help.


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Be does use the mail slot, however, it does not show up inside the app. You need to use the Import/Export functions in BE to utilize it.

To Import a piece of media:
1. Be sure there is one slot free in your library.
2. Insert tape in the mail slot.
3. Click the devices tab in BE.
4. Right click on the library itself (probably HP1) and choose Import.
5. Click run now, and the library should move the tape from the mail slot to the open slot in the library.

To export a piece of media to the mail slot:
1. Click the devices tab in BE.
2. Right click on the slot that contains the tape you want to export, and select export.
3. The tape should now be in your mail slot.

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right click import is not an option on my Dell ML6010.  right click import is only an option if i select an empty slot.