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Does uninstalling a remote agent from one server allow it to be used on another server?

Level 3
We are upgrading BEWS from 9.1 to 11d. Shortly afterward (cannot be done beforehand or concurrently) we will replace a few servers with new hardware. We are licensed for 20 RAWS.
How does uninstalling an agent from an old server affect the count of remaining licenses or does BE even track this?
Thanks. If it weren't for this forum a lot of questions would go unanswered.

Level 6
BE doesn't track how many licenses you have installed, only that you have at least one license key entered. It's possible to have a single RAWS license key entered, and backup multiple servers, though this is of course a breach of the license agreement.

Level 3
Thanks Hywel, that was quick. And I linked to your BE FAQ site. It looks good. I've added it to my Favorites. I'm sure it will come in handy in the future.