Domino .nsf skipped job failed, workaround doesn't help

BE 2012v14.0 Rev 1798  Domino Notes v9

All .nsf files are skipped - in use and job fails 0xe00084b8 - checked V-79-57344-33976 and applied Registry fixes on both media server and Domino Agent server as per instructions.

Job still failed.  Restarted both Media Server and Domino Server, checked Registry on both still set to required amended settings, still fails.

As an aside, what a time-consuming version BE2012 is.  If only we could go back to a previous version but this would mean re-creating all jobs - something that I'm probably going to have to do over time because the upgrade has really messed with everything.


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What are the registry fixes

What are the registry fixes that you apply?

You are aware that Domino 9 is not supported and that if you do want to backup .nsf files, you must stop the Domino service before the backup.  Otherwise, the .nsf files may not be usable when they are restored