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Downgrade Rights for 2015

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Hi ,

Is it possible to use 2012 (As it supports virtualized agent) if I have have 2015 in my environment? In short is it possible to downgrade from 2015 to 2012? If yes, how one can achieve it?


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Virtualised agent? You need to contact the licensing department and they can advise you of whether or not it's possible. It used to be, but if I remember correctly, it might've been stopped. The licensing department will have to issue you with BE 2012 licenses after you purchase the BE 15 agents which you'd then import into the media server. Thanks!

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Really bad idea to go back to BE 2012 - lots of things relating to security vulnerabilities, DLM, Deduplication, Tape handing, multi-server jobs etc will never be addressed in BE 2012. If you must use an older version of BE then BE 2014 is a better option as it at least has some of the later updates whilst stil suppirting some older environments.

If your reason is you have legacy operating systems and database applications  in your environment - then OK but you should plan to upgrade those systems as soon as possible as if they are old versions that are not supported by our current versions (where newer version of the same OSs and databases are supported) then the chances are the vendors that provided them no longer fully support them either.