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Download SDR image

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I've been trying to locate the iso image for creating an SDR disc.
Opened a case with Veritas but the support person only pointed out to the application image on my Veritas account. Need to recover a vm and need this badly. I'm using BE 2012.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Your version of BE is no longer supported so the SDR image is no longer available for download.

If you need to recover a VM image, just do a normal restore.  You don't need the SDR image for this.

I wish it was that simple. Have spent numerous hours but I have not able to recover files are the servers because of some of the authentication issue. Seems like backup exec is trying to connect to that server to authenticate but the server is not alive. It keeps failing to authenticate even when I'm supplying the local admin account. All BE services are running and I can create restore jobs but they fail immediately with the message "failed to log into windows".
It has been extremely frustrating. We really need to restore the server or restore the data.

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Have you tried using a domain admin account? Local admin would not be good enough. Also you should redirect the restore to another server

The domain admin accounts aren't working. I probably don't have the right credentials.

So I was able to sign on using a domain admin account and the account that runs all backup Services as well. The funny thing is I get the same error message saying Job failed, failed to log on to Microsoft Windows!
Please someone tell me why is this software trying to connect to a host that is not there just so I can recover some files!


Do you have any idea how that VM was backed up?
I mean with that; was that VM backed up via the Virtual Agent -> backed up the VMDK's?
or like a Physical Server?
Are you trying to restore the VMDK's or are you selecting files or what do you select for restore?
Can you share a screenshot