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Dramatic change in backup durations

Serveral backups have tanked in runtime. For example 1229 MB/min the evening of October 28th to 101 MB/min on the 29th. YES, changed overnight with the same amount of data!

I've run local D2D tests (D: to M:) and get .5 GB/min (1hr 12 min). Then D2D to a network drive and get .5 MB/7 min (7 hours). I've run the backup from a different media server with only slight improvement from 44 MB/min to 76 MB/min that is no way near the speed I was getting.

Rebooted the media and source server, reinstalled the agent, power off/on the tape drive, etc. 

Would the debug show anything, or could some trace be active holding be back?

I'm at BE 10d using LTO-1. Any sugestions?