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Drive clean fails with error 0xe000810d

Level 2

Drive clean fails with error 0xe000810d - Physical Volume Library Media not found.  I am using a Quantum Superloader 3 with Backup Exec 15.  The Slots show the cleaning tape in 16 and that slot 16 is a cleaning slot.  WHen the job runs it is looking in slot 1 for claning tape.  I tried putting the cleaning tape in slot 1 and get the same error.  I have also used a new cleaning tape to see if the solves issue with no luck.  Backup seesm to be running fine.

Any ideas or thoughts would be gratly appreciated.

Robert Braun

Level 6

Is your slot 1 marked as a cleaning slot?  (check the slot details/properties)

If your cleaning cartridge has a bar code, BE may be think ing it is expired and ignoring it.  Try deleting that cartridge from the BE GUI.

You can also force the drive to clean by changing slot 16 back to a regular slot (not a cleaning slot) and then running an inventory job on slot 16.

I thought I replied to this yesterday....but I am not seeing it.  Slot 1 is not marked as a cleaning slot.  when I first took over this backup system Slot 4 was the cleaning slot.  I changed it to Slot 1.  when I started getting the error that the cleanings failed I switched it to Slot 16.

I tried to change it back to Slot 1 and it was nto recognizing the cleaning tape in 1.  ANd changed 16 to a regular slot.  Still getting the error.  I deleted the cartridge from the GUI as you suggested and still no luck.

I am not using barcodes.  I can get some if that will work.


Robert Braun

Level 6

Barcodes on your tapes are a good thing, generally speaking.  But a barcode is not required to clean a tape drive.

Please be aware that each slot can individually be marked as a cleaning slot.  It is a property of the slot, so you can have multiple slots marked as cleaning slots (although that is not advised). The purpose of marking a slot as a cleaning slot is basically to prevent it from being accidently inventoried and "wasting" a cleaning cycle.

Marking a slot as a cleaning slot is totally different than BE detecting a cartridge itself as a cleaning cartridge.  BE detects a media as a cleaning cartridge either by bar code (which you don't have) or when it mounts it in a tape drive.

The "Physical Volume Library Media not found" error probably indicates confusion in the BE database about what is really in your library and not any sort of a tape drive or hardware error or issue.  A full inventory of your library may clear that up.

I suggest forcing the drive to clean itself by changing slot XX (whatever currently holds the cleaning tape) back to a regular slot (not a cleaning slot) and then running an inventory job on jsut slot XX.  A cleaning job from BE is nothing magical, it doesn't send any special commands to the tape drive, it simply puts that tape in the drive and lets the tape drive decide what to do with it.