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Duplicate Job's on both Tape Drives fail.

Hi there

I have seem to have run into problems with both of my Tape Drives, I see the duplicate jobs are all failed, ever since I put in that second Tape drive. I have tried numerous things that include, power cycling, deleting Tape drives and reinstalling them using Symantec drivers, I have confirmed that both the Tape drives have the correct SCSI configuration ( i.e. unique ID's), I have even tried brand new tapes and it still fails... This is the error im getting : 


I have tried HP Library and Tape Tools and I get this error message : 


Just to let you know I am new to Symantec backup exec 2010, but I have done some extensive troubleshooting so I am learning as fast as possible.

I have suggested to try a new SCSI Controller, perhaps it is that, I don't know why the SCSI configuration is likely to be limiting performance on the drives because they both of unique ID's as I have said.

Here is some more information that might help :

1.) Both Tape drives are HP Ultrium 4-SCSI, and running the latest firmware on both of them.

2.) I am running two virtual drives that back up to the two Tape Drives (Rule set)

3.) The problem started when I added that second Tape drive (This is when both Tape drives started having failed duplicate jobs).

4.) I am Running the latest Service pack (BE1798RSP1a_x64bit).

5.) I am using Backup Exec 2012 on a Windows Server 2008 server (Running the latest updates)

6.) I have confirmed the way that the cables are plugged into the library and Tape drives, is in the correct order.

7.) Both the Tape drives are detected in the Library and work (Tested on inventory).

8.) I have checked the speed at which data tries to copy on the tape drives and it is extremely slow (eg : 11.00MB/min or 56.51MB/min)

If anyone could post any ideas I would highly appreciate that.



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So, you have two tape drives

So, you have two tape drives in a library?  What library?

good old parallel SCSI or SAS?

Your BE server is a physical server or a virtual server?

Your error messages aren't visible.  Regular backups work fine, but duplicate jobs fail?  or are slow?


Hi Cris, folloing the

Hi Cris, folloing the question of Larry we need more detailed information to help you.

Maybe this link can be helpfull.

If it is HP tape library, disable the HP server management agents by following the below technical article that will fix the problem, if you see this error:

0xe00084f4 or 0xa00084f4 - "An unknown error has occurred" and Tapes show End Marker unreadable. ( maybe is not your case.

Could  you please attach the job log?. Could you post the stadistics of the tape drives?

I remember that we had to change our master  server from virtual to phisical to fix this problem using vmware.








Hello Chris,     What is the

Hello Chris,
    What is the error in the job log of the duplicate backup job?
What is the error that the HP Tool is throwing?

If HP tool is also giving errors then I would say that this is Hardware error and it would be best to consult your hardware support.