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Duplicate a B2D backup on LTO after several weeks

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I try to make a powershell script but I don't find any command to list the media set of disk storage ? I want to duplicate the media set on disk after several weeks to make some place on the disks and put them on LTO media like a cold storage. The console doesn't seem to offer this functionnality like powershell. I'm on BE 21.2

Is someone have an idea ?




I believe what you want to do is achievable within the Backup Exec GUI.
Go to the "Storage tab" and then select "Backup Sets" on the left hand side.
Select the Backup Set you want to duplicate; right click and select "Duplicate" - see screenshot attached
A new window / wizard will pop up which lets you configure the target device and other things and then you can run this duplicate job.

Thanks for your response.

I know this way but it's not an automatic job. I want to duplicate automatically to LTO with a delay of several weeks.


If you want this automated with a delay of several weeks then yes this is not possible within the GUI.
However if you want to have it automated duplicated, why only after several weeks and not immediately or the next day?
That way you would have your data duplicated sooner and therefore the data on two location then just on one for several weeks. 

I'll briefly explain my backup strategy.

We make a full backup on disks the weekend and an incremental on disks one time a day from monday to thursday. The full backup is duplicate on tape that are pull out several weeks. The full is also duplicate on tape with the incremental that are keep in the library.

The backup set (full + incremental) on disks are keeped several weeks and it is good enought. The backup set on disk are useful because the VMs are big (several TB) and the recovery off only one file is quick. So I would like to extend the backup retention and only keep on tape the full but I don't want to have the same full on disk and tape. So I would like to push the full on disk to tape when I need space on disk.

I hope you understand me. My english is not perfect...

You might as well just take all full backups to tape in the normal way, you can still keep your disk retention higher and will likely use the same number of tapes anyway so I don't think your gaining anything your way.

In brief, I keep the most recent backups on disks and when I add a backup to disk, I push the older one onto the tapes. So I gain in retention time.

Your disk retention time is independent of tape retention, so you will keep your disk backups as long as your disk backup retention time and your tape backups as long as your tape retention time. Taking disk backup to tape does not remove it from the disk

I guess you don't understand that I want to do.

For example, I want to keep the backups of the last 3 months on disks and the backups that are more than 3 months old on tapes but I don't want the last 3 months to be on tapes as well.

I do understand, it just doesn't make any sense. Why don't you want those months on tape? You can keep three months on disk and also have a copy on tape the two aren't mutually exclusive

I don't want a copy of backup on disk. I want to use the tape like an extent of the disks in brief. And I want to do it automatically.

I assume your disk backups are your latest backups? What happens if you lose your backup server (e.g. in a fire) and need to recover one of your production servers? From my point of view, to save yourself the cost of 3 months worth of tape your willing to risk all your companies data being lost.

It was just an example to explain you. Our strategy is more complicated. I just try to duplicate a disk backup to tape when a backup disk have a certain age. With the GUI, it's not possible and via Powershell, it is the same because I can't list the backup set of a disk.