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Duplicate backup and restoring

Level 2

Hi all, 

I'm new at this BE functionality and I'd like to ask your help to know which is the right procedure to restore data from duplicate backup. My usuas scenario will be that to restore data from duplicate backup on tape when it will not possible to restore from disk anymore ... 

Could someone of you help me?

thanks a lot

Luca M.


Employee Accredited Certified

The duplicate backup (on tape) has it's own catalog so should still be selectable for restore operations after the disk sets (and catalogs associated to the disk sets) have been removed.


Basically unless you set catalog truncate dates,  tape catalogs remain until the tape is overwritten by another job, disk catalogs are removed when DLM deletes the disk media.


The catalogs contain referened to what data exists in which backups sets and in which media/tapes and are required for the restore operations. If you don't have the catalogs then running catalog jobs against the tapes should still allow a restore (as long as you have all the required tapes)

Hi Colin and thank you for your reply...

I'm in this condition: I backup monthly on disk and (this is the idea) duplicate the backup on tape manually for long retention. 

Now the month backup is not visible in the database and now I'd like to test to restore data from tape.

So, I put the tapes into the library. Run inventory and catalog (because I was able to see the data but not possible to restore). Then I run the restore procedure for range data (data of the tapes) but any data is possible to restore for that range (not data loaded...). So evidently something doesn't go ...

I was thinking if I have to import the media ... to browse the tapes ... and then to restore files... I believe to have read something in Internet ... but I'm not so sure..

Employee Accredited Certified

If you duplicate every month from disk to tape - why are you doimg this manually as it can be done as stage in the original job definition.


Also what is removing your monthly catalogs  as if using the same server then the tape catalogs should remain available (unless you have overwriteen the rape which would then explain why you canpt see what you expect to)

I hope you media protection is not set to None (which will allow early overwrites)

Overall I would suggest you log a formal support case (if you have a support agreement) as the information you have provided is confusing and direct conact would probably help sort out what you are trying to achieve.