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Duplicate backup set on a schedule (Backup Exec 2010)?

Currently backup exec does a full backup each Friday and incramentals M-TH, every Friday I do a duplicate backup set to tape to get the backups off the hard drives and into a fire safe.  The order of the day has always been to set the date range last Friday through this Thursday and to then select each item in media manually to output to the tape.  Can I just schedule this or would it then just keep doing the same duplicate set of media over and over instead of the last week?  If I set it to run following the weekly backup instead would it be smart enough to know when the last duplicate was run and just get that week of incramentals and the full that just finished?

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You can use a policy for both

You can use a policy for both your full backup and your incremental backup jobs.  In the policies, you will have a backup template followed by a duplicate template.  After you generate the jobs, you will see a backup and duplicate job for each of your full and incremental backups.  This means that after you do either your full or incremental backup, the duplicate job will kick in and duplicate the backup to tape.