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Duplicate backups between CASO and MMS

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Hi Everyone
I am implimenting a backup to disk solution and as part of this I need to have offsite backups. We have a datacenter that will host the offsite backups for us and I have setup the following, at our main site I have a server running Backup Exec 12.5 with 18Tb of disk space available (this server is also running CASO) at our datacenter I have the same hardware Running 12.5 (This is an MMS). I need to now duplicate the backups from the CASO server to the MMS, my first test was unsuccessful as the MMS can not see the drives on the CASO server does anyone have any thoughts on this.

Employee Accredited Certified
Backup Exec 12.5 does not currently have a way to do this - the Shared Backup to disk folder was designed to allow multiple servers in a CAS/MMS environment to write to a single Backup to Disk folder - however if you try and write date to disk with the MMS and then run the duplicate job on the CAS the job will fail - when this was investigated it was identified that duplication with a different media server had not been designed into the product and whilst a good idea would be something that might be considered for a future version of the product as an enhancement.

However the De-Dup option in Backup Exec 2010 (which is due for release next month) might be able to achieve results that can be backed up to tape at a central location - if you are interested in this then I would suggest you contact someone in our sales teams to arrange for suitable technical information regarding the possible configurations using this new option. The informatuion I have indciates that either Source Deduplication (followed by a duplicate job) or Deduplicated Backup Set Copy might meet your requirements but you should do some resereach into the requirements and suitablility for your environment.