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Duplicate fail

Level 4

Backup is successfully terminated, but duplicate is failing. In the KB does not say anything about duplicate, any ideas?


Job Log: BEX_SB-BKP01_00564.xml

Job ended: Thursday, 24 August, 2017 at 9:38:01 PM
Completed status: Failed
Final error: 0xe00084af - The directory or file was not found, or could not be accessed.
Final error category: Job Errors

For additional information regarding this error refer to link V-79-57344-33967



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Directory was not found, or could not be accessed. None of the files or subdirectories contained within will be backed up.
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Level 4



Is this a CAS_MBES setup and full running on Dedup and then duplicating to another Dedup to a MBES?

What version of Backup Exec are you currently running?

What if you run the original backup to that Dedup folder?


The backup is done in CAS_MBES and duplicate to another.
Version backup exec 16 FP2.
The backups are made in CAS_MBES, stored in DEDUP that is in Site_A and duplicated to SITE_B which also has DEDUP.

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Level 4



Is your backup policy refers to Backup Staging of " Backup to Deduplication Disk and Replicate in Deduplication Disk "? If that is the case, you using CAS and MBES setup which is done via "Optimized Duplication" method. Can you please check the storage tab of CAS's console, and check if the Deduplication Storage of MBES is SHARED to your CAS

For some days the error does not appear, I think it had something to do with network problem, they messed around so much that we do not know exactly what happened. thanks for the help

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If that is the case, better to check first if it is regarding the network issue, it affects big time. Good luck!