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Duplicate jobs not duplicating full jobs correctly.

We have our jobs configured as follows:

1.  Daily differential backups to local disk with a 5 day retention

2.  Weekly full backups to local disk with an 8 week retention

3.  Monthly duplicate jobs to external USB disk with 1 year retention.  The final duplicate job of the year, I select to retain all backups on the external storage.

Configured for backup is file store and system state.  As I understand it, system state backups can only do full backups, so during the differentials, the system state backups run as full.  

The problem is that the duplicate jobs are configured to duplicate the last full backup.  Since the last full backup is technically the system state backup run during the differential, that is the only thing that gets duplicated.

I am considering changing the duplicate source to be Full backups rather than last full backup, but I'm concerned that ALL full backups for this server will be duplicated to the external drive, which could potentially be 8 full backups since our retention is 8 weeks, plus all the system state backups in the differentials and fulls that haven't expired yet.


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I don't know why you only

I don't know why you only want to retain your system state for a long time.  I would have thought that you would want to retain your data for a long time.  As such, a duplicating a full backup would make more sense.

Else, consider scheduling the

Else, consider scheduling the monthly duplicate in such a manner it runs after the weekly full & before the daily diff.

Thanks for the responses.  To

Thanks for the responses.  To clarify, what I am trying to do is ensure that the duplicate job duplicates the complete full backup job rather than what it currently does, which is that it duplicates only the system state backup. 

VJware, that's for the suggestion.  What I'm concerned about is that my schedule specifies a specific date (1st of each month), as such, this may run any day of the week.

Set up a monthly full backup

Set up a monthly full backup job which runs EXACTLY at the same time and day of the week as your weekly full backup.  When the two job clashes, the less frequent monthly job will superceed the weekly job.  This way you would not have your weekly and monthly jobs running at the same time.

You then add a duplicate sage to your monthly full backup and you can keep this duplicate as long as you like.