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Duplicates failing if I don't link them

Hi guys,

Whenever I make a backup of any machine that is hosted on any of my VMWare Hypervisors, I cannot duplicate the backed-up data because I will get the following error:

The job failed with the following error: The requested source duplicate backup sets catalog record could not be found.  Perhaps the media containing the source backup sets was previously deleted.

Unable to determine ADAMM media identification. Catalog query failed.

It does work when I automatically link the Duplicate job to the Full job, but it doesn't work when I (for whatever reason) want to run the Duplicate jobs manually a day later. I don't have this problem with baremetal machines or with HyperV.

One thing I really, REALLY do not understand and frustrates me beyond belief is that these jobs do take 10+ hours (their normal rate) to run, blocking other jobs from running, and then after nearly 12 hours of working hard it says "oh wait, I actually didn't do anything, suck it!"

Anything that can be done without disabling the verify, which is obviously where it's bugging out?

I have so much data to backup that things like this ruin my schedule for the week and make me have to come in on saturdays. Nothing can go wrong or my schedule is ruined, and sadly Backup Exec goes wrong somehow, someway, every week.

I hope anyone has a tip.




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Have you logged a support

Have you logged a support case ? If not, would recommend you to do so.