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Duplication size too much



we are doing full backup every night and then morning we started  we sent duplicate some other storage device over wan but the full backup size 3-4 gb on the other hand the duplicate job takes 100-200 gb so we have to cancel job for release bandwith over wan. why? the differences so much also we selected option most recent full backup. Or any way to limit bandwith usage to sent over wan?


Thank you

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Post screenshots and more

Post screenshots and more details on your setup please.


our normal full back is going

our normal full back is going on in every day at 1:00am and finish 1:05 am size 3.9 gb today we decided to send it also another locaiton over wan because of redundancy. so we add new duplication job to full backup job queue  at 3:00 am. At 3 o'clock the job started but never end.. after 10 hour later, it still goes on and sent 156 gb data? how and what it are sending too much? the full backup job 3.9 size ? did you set it up? Is did you set it up? Is it not perhaps duplicating ALL the backup sets, as ideally it should be duplicating the latest only.