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Duplication to Tape

Level 5

Good morning,


I have configured a backup job to perform a backup of our SQL server, C: D: E: F: All SQLDatabases and the system state. It goes to DeDuplication Disk Storage then to tape once complete.

When this runs the duplication to tape part of the job it only copies the System state then ends the jobs. (16GB out of 550GB)


Any clues?




Level 4

HI Lee,

Is duplicate job running successfully? do you see any failure?


Level 5

Both the full job and the duplicate job are showing 100% Sucsesful with no errors.

Level 4

Please check backup media size from Storage -> <Storage device> -> Details -> Backup sets.

Also, check job history if it is showing all the volumes being backed up and time taken for both Full and Duplicate. Also, if you try restore from duplicate job, are you just seeing system state backup sets?



Level 5

The media sets are the size of the backups. 2 are 16gb and 2 are 4gb


The actual backup to disk works fine with the correct ammount of data being backed up.


Level 5

This happens every time.

I perform a full backup to disk, it backups system stat, all hdds and the exchange (or sql) selection, all backs up perfectly, then when duplicating to tape it only duplicates some of the selections despite the job reporting successful.

If I run the duplication manually it works perfectly. 

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I am running into the EXACT same issue.  I run full backups on friday, incrementals thru out the week, and then duplicate the last full backup set to disk which I take offsite.

The problem is, the duplication only grabs the system state of my servers.  I then have to MANUALLY go and duplicate the specific drives off to disk.

Royal pain in the butt.  Exchange duplicate fine but then again, I'm only backup the databases, not system state.

Please advise!


Level 4

Phil -


Duplicate selection logic is taken from the last backup done on the particular server ONLY.  In BE2012 SP1a that selection logic is NOT editable by the user.  If your "duplicate the last full backup set" attempt is NOT the last backup done on that server, then the duplicate is not really using the selection logic that you desire.

If your sequence were the following (slightly different than you describe), then BE2012 should be backing up all of the resources in the last full backup:

1) Friday Full

2) Daily Incrementals thru out the week

3) Full of all resources

4) Duplicate to take offsite.


The other item to note is if you are selecting (Duplicate Last Full Backup) then only the System State and Utility Partition will get duplicated if there are any incrementals after the last full drive backup.  This is because System State and Utility Partitions are always FULL backups (even if the backup itself is Incremental or Differential for the other drives) and BE sees that they are FULL, so uses that as its selection logic...

The check boxes to select "Duplicate All Backups" and "Duplicate Last Full Backup" really only control whether or not the intervening incremental or differential backups are even considered for duplication.