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E00084D4 errors and verify on dedupe verifies alot more data....

We dedupe in our backups. 2010 R3 all hotfixes. I have separate backup and verify jobs as best practices say. I will get the E00084D4 errors even though I'm backing up to disk. A DAS (MD3000) that is supported by Symantec for disk backups for dedupe. What looks to be happening is that the verifies are verifying data from not just the past night's incremental backup. But they are going back verify everything ever done. I have the verify in the same policy as my backup. However the verify happens after the backup at a different time. What am I missing configuration wise? How does Backup Exec know in this case what to verify?

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Please review following

Please review following Technote for effectively using the Backup Exec Deduplication Option ::

Disable RAID caching on the disk where the deduplication storage folder is located.

Exclude the deduplication storage folder from your antivirus scans.

Hope this helps.